Factory visit Stuttgart Germany, 工場見学

Louis Renner Gmbh & Co. KG  


Mr David Fry of Renner UK and Mr Matthias Stockle kindly arranged for me to visit the Renner factory in in Stuttgart. 

It was very good experience to see inside factory. (No photos were allowed)


I will attend the Renner class in the 2012  Pianoforte Tuners’ Association Convention in UK thiscoming May. That will be conducted by Mr Matthias!! I look forward to seeing him again at the convention. 


SAUTER Pianofortemanyfaktur Gmbh & Co. KG 



Mr Ulrich Sauter is the sixth generation of the SAUTER piano family and kindly invited us to visit his factory and photos were allowed. 

Ulrich Sauterさんはここの6代目になります。彼自ら工場内をご案内してくださいました。場所によっては写真撮影を許可していただいて、工場の中で働いている人たちを見ても、もとてもOpenな感じがしました。

These are antique SAUTER pianos played by many generations and particularly I love the upright piano the above. I would like to have it!



It is very important that the room condition is kept at  20C and 50% humidity level.



This model has a hygrometer!

 Technician of Renner joined factory tour.



I really enjoyed and had a good experience with the spirit of German craftsman at these factories. Thank you very, very much indeed. → In Frankfurt

実際に工場を見てみると、近代的に整備されている中に、昔ながらの木で作ったジグを使用していたりと、ドイツの職人気質と技術がちゃんと活かされていて、すばらしいと思いました。この機会をいただけましたことに、大変感謝いたします。ご案内をしてくださいましたMatthiasさん、Sauterさん、本当にありがとうございました。→ In Frankfurt