Fun visiting Ginza, Tokyo!

Hello again! We visited Yamano Music HQ which was one of the big agent of YAMAHA at Ginza, Tokyo. Seven story building each floor is displayed different musical instruments and also added small concert hall.



The piano is 6F includes Bösendorfer, Steinway, Bechstein.

ピアノフロアーは6階。YAMAHA のみならず、Bösendorfer, Steinway, Bechsteinが展示されています。


I and Piano Fairy enjoyed latest model YAMAHA CFX, SX series.

ピアノフェアリーと一緒に、YAMAHA の最新モデルCFX, SXシリーズを試しました。

Oh – Shining! There is beautiful Steinway. This is special designers edition of Steinway “Heliconia” collaborate with LALIQUE, best known for producing glass art and jewellery in France.



There is also CD floor and music books. I picked one CD which was interesting to me that the piano used Bechstein, Michel Dalberto plays Gabriel Faure.

CD フロアでは、興味深い1枚を見つけました。フランスのピアニスト、ミシェル・ダルベルトがガブリエル・フォーレを弾いている録音で使用されているピアノが、ベヒシュタインでした。

Tea time!  

MEIDI-YA STORE is my favourite shop, was established in 1885, selling the best quality foods from all over the world. Corporate Philosophy, “The Highest Quality for Everyone, Everytime”. There is various kinds of quality food products such as “My Jam” 



We had lunch at IRIMOYA, Japanese traditional restaurant. This is Temari sushi set lunch with dessert buffet. It’s delicious! Happy ♪♪♪  

銀座3丁目の和食レストラン入母屋でランチを頂きました。手まり寿司ランチはデザートビュッフェ付です。おいしいー とっても幸せー♪♪♪  



Look! Piano Fairy fund a little shrine here! There were several small shrines in Ginza. We can see how a modern developed city is combined with the small shrine.


Houdou Inari Shrine
The path to the shrine between the buildings are small alley and a little monkey welcomes you!


The orange red colour is “Torii” gateway of a shrine, is fascinating!!



Kabukiza Theatre   歌舞伎座

Dear Miwako, It was wonderful to see you again! I and Piano Fairy enjoyed in Ginza with you very much. Thank you so much.


Cat paws!! Japanese cake by Awaya Soubei 

あわ家惣兵衛 猫の肉球まんじゅう