YAMAHA G2 overhaul at Master Kabaya’s workshop in Japan

Hello everyone! I and Piano Fairy visited workshop of Master Nobuo Kabaya who is great master piano technicians in Japan. We have YAMAHA G2 overhaul in his workshop now. We are wonderful to see the piano. Piano Fairy said “I can check the finishing condition of a piano!!” 



We would like to create the tone much more warm and mellow European sound than original sound so that we chose the hammer which was Abel Hammer made in Germany this time. Did you remember? I attended the seminar of Mr Able himself in England!
→The Convention



Look! The piano has been given a second life again. Piano Fairy is very happy about it!


Master Kabaya is using his unsurpassable skill for the piano! How great he is!


Yokohama at his own workshop (Kabaya Piano tuning and repair), providing a full range of service from small repairs to complete overhauls as “custom made” matched to client’s own taste. He is a wonderful technician who connects with the pianos he works with.


Dear Master,
Thank you very, very much indeed.  I am very pleased to meet you today.


Tea time! 

→ Fun visiting Ginza, Tokyo  銀座は楽しい!