The Colt Clavier Collection, Kent コルト・クラヴィア・コレクション

I was given the book “THE EARLY PIANO/C.F.COLT” when I was student in Japan. Since then, I have dreamt of visiting this private collection in England. I asked the piano fairy about it and she answered me.  It’s a dream come true!  *photo used with permission.


There are 124 historical clavier in the collection. Mr Spiers, manager of the Colt Clavier Collection warmly welcomed me and opened the Colt pavilion. He most graciously introduced me to their collection. He told me that there were many piano fairies in here!


ここには124台の歴史的な楽器が保管されています。マネジャーのSpiers さんは、暖かく迎えてくださり、丁寧にそれぞれの楽器を説明してくださいました。そして、「ここにはピアノフェアリーがいますよ!」

 Schleip Lyraflugel 1825


Haschka Grand 1825 Viennese action

 Haschka Grand 1810

 Clementi Square 1822

Broadwood 1899 Barless Grand


This Broadwood has a particularly good sound and the sound is much like a modern piano. I was thinking if I could repair and restore such pianos, we can give them the another life again. Perhaps the piano fairy can help….



The hammer is so small and made of four layers with leather. The mechanism of actiion is different from a modern piano and I can feel quite a light touch when pressing a key.

 Pape Square 1834


 Schneider 1851

Rob.Wornum & Sons London 1858       I like him very much!

Broadwood 1787     The sound is like a harpsichord.

 Erard Grand 1868
This is Erard’s advanced double escapement. The sound is much like a modern piano.

Erard Grand 1818, Erard’s first repetition.   This is similar to “agraffe”.


Lichtenthal Dog-Kennel Upright 1840    The piano opens sideways.

 Erard Upright 1880


 Shudi-Broadwood Harpsichord 1790

 William Rolfe Square


I had a wonderful time with old friends and this special experience makes me so happy!
Mr Geoff Townsend kindly arranged the visit here for me. Thank you very, very much indeed.
たくさんのピアノたちに囲まれて、とても幸せな1日を過ごしました。この経験を、また良い音創りに生かしていかれたらと思います。アレンジをしてくださったGeoff さんには、大変感謝をいたします。本当にありがとうございました。

My favourite things in England