C. Bechstein full maintenance with Zuma Day1

Hello Eri-san! I am Zuma. My little piano needs full maintenance. 

Eri さん、こんにちはー!ぼくズマです。ぼくの小さなピアノさんは、ピアノのフル整備が必要なんだ。


C. Bechstein is made finest materials and highly skilled German craftsmanship with their heart. The sound of this piano is really good even though the piano is small in size.



Dear Zuma, Piano Fairy is very happy to see you today. Let’s remove the action and keyboard. 



Oh –!! It seems that dust has accumulated more than 30 years…xxx 



I have been cleaning the surface and under the keys, cleaning the balance hole and polishing the balance & front pins. After that, the movement of the key was smoother.


          before                             after

Eri-san, a music stand is broken. Could you please fix it?

Eri さん、譜面台が壊れちゃってるんだ。直していただけますか?

A440Hz is standard pitch but this piano is very flat  A433Hz …xxx The piano needs the tuning twice, which is pitch rise tuning and going to a normal tuning.

あらー 大変!ピッチがとっても下がっています。A440Hzが標準ですが、このピアノはA433Hz。今日は、音上げの調律をしてから、本調律と2回必要です。

Eri-san, shall we have a tea time?

Eri さん、お茶にしない?

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