Beautiful YAMAHA U1 with Mr Tucker
木目のきれいなYAMAHA とタッカー君

Hello Eri-san! I am Tucker the rescued dog. I am very happy to stay new home with the piano now! It’s time for tuning and maintenance today for my favourite piano. 

Eri さん、こんにちは!ぼく、タッカーです。ぼくは保護犬でしたが、新しいお家でピアノさんと幸せです。今日は、僕のお気に入りのピアノさんの調律とメンテナンスです。


Dear Tucker, It’s wonderful to see you with your piano. It’s summer now and using air-condition so that the action needs to tighten all screws due to weather changed. 



And adjust hammer alignment as well.


Shall I start tuning?


Dear Tucker, would you please move aside?


Hello — Tucker? xxx   You are sleeping here… Zzzz


Do you know why? The sound is vibration and energy. The Piano Fairy told me that animals are very pure beings so that they naturally recognise the pure energy and a good sound. 


See you!  またねー