Vintage NY Steinway model L maintenance
ヴィンテージNYスタインウェイ のメンテナンス

Hello Eri-san! Ho ho ho — I am special vintage piano from NY and feel not so well. I am very happy to see you.

 こんにちはEri さん、わしはNY から来たんじゃが、具合がよろしくない。診てくれるとうれしいよ。


Mr Steinway, I will give you a medical exam. Humm… You need intensive care. I and Piano Fairy take care of you!

ミスター・スタインウェイ 、どれどれ、診察しましょう。あらら…集中治療が必要だわ。私とピアノフェアリーがケアするわね!


It seems me that the moving was hard to him. There is several parts need to fix and repair.



The room environment is good! The Piano Fairy is very happy about it.


The pitch was very flat A435. The piano needs the pitch rise tuning carefully and gradually increase the tension. The tuning is repeated as many times as needed to meet his original level.


The intensive care of Mr Steinway continues …..♪♪