Piano and I…

I am originally from Japan. I established 88KEYS in Hong Kong in 2006 with the encouragement of many of my musical colleagues who knew my background in concert level tuning in Japan. Thank you to my friends and clients who have supported me.

Hong Kong being an international city, has a blend of both Asian and Western cultures.
Many expatriates living here bring their beloved pianos from their own countries. I am very glad to see pianos from Europe quite often and some are 90 years old.

Each piano has a unique tone and colour. Even the same model will sound different in varying room conditions and with different pianists.


Music is part of my life. I cannot live without music and working with such a gracious musical instrument as the piano brings me much joy. God gave me special gift for working with pianos and this is my life’s work. I love creating a sound of the piano with my heart, that will sing the harmony for the owner and bring out the best character from each piano.

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It is my joy and happiness to create a wonderful sound for your piano, and I am very happy to meet my clients and talk about music. I look forward to meeting you and your piano.

Piano Technician / Eri Onami

My List of Favourite Things

Steinway, C. Bechstein, Bösendorfer
Samson François
Around me always, though I particularly love cats.
Cathedral Choir
Singing at St.John’s Cathedral in Central with the Cathedral Choir.
The Pianoforte Tuners’ Association in the UK
Especially their annual convention which I have attended for several years.
Japanese sweets in the basement of department stores in Japan!
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My Thanks to These Great Master Piano Technicians in Japan

Mr.Nobuo Kabaya

I worked with him in Yokohama at his own workshop (Kabaya Piano tuning and repair), providing a full range of service from small repairs to complete overhauls as “custom made” matched to client’s own taste.
He is a wonderful technician who connects with the pianos he works with. He taught me the living nature of pianos “A PIANO IS LIVING”.

Mr.Kazuo Sato

He is a very skilled piano technician who enjoys working with antique pianos.
His workshop facility at Progress Co. Ltd. located in Sagamihara is first class, providing a full range of service from small repairs to complete overhauls.