Beautiful countryside Yorkshire

Hello! I fund special entrance for my journey to Derlington and York by train from London at the King’s Cross station.



Wow — I could enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!! 

わーい ホグワーツ魔法魔術学校に入学できちゃいました!

-York –

Fortunately we were blessed by the weather. It was really beautiful blue sky.



There is Clifford’s Tower

Look !! “Diagon Alley” in Harry Potter, and the real name is Shambles. I chose the same wand as Hermione used. I am ready to learn at Hogwarts.


Hello, Ollie! He is European owl. オリー君、こんにちは。

-York Minster –

Magnificent cathedral 
I attended Choral Matins and enjoyed fantastic sound of Cathedral Choir. 
Antem; O clap your hands/Vaughan Williams

荘厳なヨーク大聖堂。Choral Matins 礼拝に参列し、聖歌隊の歌声を堪能しました。イギリスの作曲家、ヴォ‐ン・ウイリアムスの曲が歌われました。




Amazing…. the blessed light of heaven

Delicious cream tea!!

– Fountains Abby and Studley Royal –

World Heritage Site 
There is a great abbey and the elegance of a Georgian water garden.





Fazi & Suki
Welcom Eri-san! We are very happy to see you again.

Fazi 君と Suki ちゃんがとってもウエルカムしてくれました。また会えてうれしいなー

Dear Marion and Master Rick,
It was wonderful to see you again and stayed in your home. I am very grateful for all of you prepared many happy things for me. Thank you very, very much indeed.

Marion さん、Rick さん またお会いでき素晴らしいお時間を頂けましたこと、心から感謝いたします。本当にありがとうございました。



→The Convention 2018 at Darlington, Durham 1 イギリスのコンベンション1