YAMAHA YUS5 with Ms Koharu

Hello Eri-san. I am Koharu. I am happy to see you today. My piano needs good maintenance so, Eri-san is here!

こんにちはEriさん。私、小春です。今日お会いできて、とってもうれしいわ。私のピアノは良いメンテナンスが必要なので、Eri さんが来てくれました。


Koharu-chan, Thank you very much. I and Piano Fairy is also very glad to see you today. Her name means  “warm spring” in Japanese.


Before beginning to work on her piano, it’s important to make general assessments and observations of the piano. The piano needed all action screws fastened as well as checked hammer alignment.


Tuning! ♪♪♪  Eri-san, I am waiting you ♫

さあ、調律です 。Eri さん、待ってるね ♫

The sound and tone is very nice! Can I play the piano?
Yes please. Koharu-chan, Thank you very much for waiting me.


See you!  またね!