YAMAHA U3 periodic maintenance with Ming

Hello Eri-san! I am Ming. I am so happy to see you again. 

Eri さーん、こんにちは!ぼく、ミンです。また会えてとってもうれしいなー


My loved piano needs the periodic maintenance today. 



The benefit of periodic maintenance is the pitch stability, and the mechanical part to be fine movement by regulation. The weather in Hong Kong is a subtropical climate so, there is a humidity level around 80-90%. I recommend the maintenance of a piano in Hong Kong should be tuned three times a year.



Eri-san, When do you finish your work? Look! I have special one here!!  Dear Ming, Thank you very much for waiting me. I will finish it soon — Oh you have a nice mouse! 

Eri さん、いつ終わるのー?ねえ、見て!ぼくこんなの持ってるの。ミン君、待っていてくれて、ありがとう。もうすぐ終わります。あら、ステキなネズミさんね。

Finished! The sound is really good. Please enjoy it with the Piano Fairy! Well, Ming? Where are you?


Eri-san, I am here!  ここだよー

See you!  またねー