Schimmel piano intensive maintenance

Hello! I am Schimmel from Germany. I feel unwell and need to consult good doctor today. Luckily, Eri-san is here!

こんにちは!私、ドイツのシンメル・ピアノです。あんまり具合が良くないので、今日は良いお医者さんに診てもらうの。ラッキーなことにEri さんが来てくれました。

Dear Ms Schimmel, I am wonderful to see you today. I am going to exam the patient. I see… you need intensive care for bringing a standard level. You will be all right.


Let’s start cleaning inside the piano. Removed rust on the surface of strings as much as I can.



The action and keyboard are removed and clean inside that is called basic maintenance. Tighten all action screws properly.


The room environment is good! The Piano Fairy is very happy about it.



Hammer is not strike the strings properly so that the hammer needs adjustment.



                      Before ⇒ After


The key levelling and depth adjustment is important for evenness. The paper punching with different thickness is used for the adjustment.


The visual contact works best for final check.


Finally, tuning ♫ やっと調律です♫

The piano is now a joy to play and the original brilliant tone has come back. It’s nice European sound. Please keep your loved piano be healthy!


To be continued つづく