Sauter R2 model intensive maintenance

Hello Eri-san, I am Chaka. My favourite piano is very sick now. Please help my piano!

Eri さん、こんにちは ぼくチャカです。ぼくの大好きなピアノさんは病気なの。どうか助けてください。


Dear Chaka, It’s nice to see you and your piano today. Humm…xxx I see. Your piano needs intensive care for bringing a standard level. Don’t worry. You will be all right!



Do you know your piano is special model? The action has additional spring to make good response that calls R2 Double Escapement action designed and patented by Sauter in Germany, which contains an auxiliary jack spring to aid in faster repetition. Please refer to blue arrow.


Let’s start cleaning inside the piano. Removed rust on the surface of strings as much as I can.


Eri-san, I am Silva. It’s interesting ♪♪♪

Eri さん、私、シルバ。これはおもしろーい ♪♪♪

The action and keyboard are removed and clean inside that is called basic maintenance. Tighten all action screws properly.



Purpose of basic maintenance is to reduce friction. I have been cleaning the surface and under the keys, cleaning the balance hole and polishing the balance & front pins. After that, the movement of the key is smooth.


Hammer is not strike the strings properly so that needs the hammer in alignment.


                     Before    ⇒ After

The pitch is very flat 434Hz so, the pitch rise tuning is required. Eri-san communicates with Piano Fairy for extra care and rise gently the pitch of the piano.

ピッチが434Hzと下がっているため、音上げが必要です。Eri さんはピアノフェアリーと会話しながら緩やかに音上げをします。

Dear Chaka & Silva, Thank you very much for waiting me. It takes a lot of time to finish it but your piano is ready to play now. Piano Fairy is very happy about it.


             Chaka                                Silva

Eri-san, my piano is really very nice sound. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you next time!

Eri さん、私たちのピアノ、とってもいい音がする!どうもありがとう。また会えるの楽しみにしてるねー

The end.  おしまい