RÖNISCH with Princess Cha Cha

Hello Eri-san! I am Cha Cha. It has been a year since my piano delivered to my home so, my favourite piano needs full maintenance today. Eri-san, welcome to my home!!

ごきげんよう Eri さん、わたくし、茶々と申します。わたくしの大好きなピアノさんは、お家に運ばれてから1年が経ちましたので、フルメンテナンスが必要ですの。

Princess Cha Cha, Certainly. I am very honoured that I could meet you, 


The piano needs to settle itself into the new home environment during the year. Pianos use living breathing materials, that includes pieces of cloth, felt, and buckskin, as well as wool and wood so, there is movement from time to time due to the room environment changes even thou the piano is very young.

新しいピアノは、倉庫からお家に運ばれてきて1年くらいの間に、そこの場所の新しい環境に徐々に馴染んできます。 ピアノは、ウールのフェルト、バックスキン、木などの自然素材でできており、呼吸をしていますので、どんなに若いピアノさんでも、お部屋の環境と共に動きが出ます。今日は、このピアノさんの初めての整調です。


Cleaning the surface, under the keys and the balance hole, and polishing the balance & front pins. After that, the movement of the key is made to be smooth. 



Tighten all action screws. Eri-san, It’s interesting!

アクションのネジを締めなおします。Eri さん、なんておもしろい!

There is a big gap on the surface of the keyboard. The Key levelling and depth adjustment is used the paper punching with different thickness.



Princess Cha Cha, the visual contact works best for final check. 


Princess Cha Cha, I will create your favourite tone and sound into the piano.


Princess Cha Cha?  茶々様?

La la la — ♪♪ la la la — ♪ Scratch, Scratch! Happy, Happy!!

ららら~♪ ららら~♪♪ 爪とぎ 爪とぎ 楽しいな!

You have to behave, Princess Cha Cha!


The end. おしまい