Bösendorfer 225 restring bass string with Mau and Coco

Hello Eri-san! I am Mau. Thank you very much for maintaining my loved piano every time. My piano needs replacing a broken bass string today. The bass string was ordered to HELLERBASS in Germany. We are very pleased have HELLERBASS for my piano!

Eri さん、こんにちはー!ぼく、マウです。いつもぼくのピアノをメンテナンスしてくれて、ありがとう。今日は、低音弦の張替えが必要なんだ。弦は、ドイツのHELLER ピアノにオーダーしてくれたんだよ。すっごくうれしい!


Piano Fairy told me about the Heller Piano firm. 
They produce high quality bass strings are over 60% share of the market worldwide. The family business tradition in Germany is continued in Heller Piano. Each string is made finest materials and highly skilled German craftsmanship with their heart!

ピアノフェアリーがドイツのHELLER ピアノについて教えてくれました。


Hello Eri-san! I am Coco. My piano is special concert grand “model 225”. It’s wonderful to have the replacement from Heller in Germany!

Eri さん、私、ココよ。私のピアノさんは、モデル 225 といって、特別なコンサートグランドピアノなの。ドイツのHELLER ピアノの弦がもてるなんて、すてきだわ。


The best quality bass strings provide warm, rich tonal qualities.
Eri-san, excellent !

Eri さん、すごく良い仕上がりね!

Dear Mr Gregor Heller, Thank you very much for preparing the string for Mau & Coco.


Vielen Dank!