Blüthner with well controlled room

I and Piano Fairy is very happy to meet Blüthner made in Germany today!


Bluthner1 Bluthner3

The piano is kept well controlled room. Look! 24C and 51% humidity level. Piano Fairy told me that he is very happy to stay such a good room condition in HK!

このピアノは、とても良く管理されたお部屋に置かれています。見て、24℃ 湿度は51%。ピアノフェアリーが、このピアノさんは、香港でこんなに良いお部屋の環境にいられることを、とても喜んでいると、教えてくれました。



The piano heater is installed properly. ピアノヒーターもちゃんと取り付けてあります。



The weather in Hong Kong is a subtropical climate. There is a humidity level around 80-90% even on sunny days which is very high. This can cause the wood in the piano to alternately shrink and then expand, causing tuning to become rather unstable. Humidity can also affect the operation of moving parts.


Bluthner& Eri


Everyone, please maintain your room condition properly for your loved piano!