American square piano 138 years old with Nalla-chan

Ho ho ho –!! I am very glad to see you, Eri-san. I was bone in 1881, U.S. and am quite different from modern piano. It would be great if you could give me a good care!

ほっほっほー わしは Eri さんにお会いできて、光栄じゃぞ。1881年にアメリカで生まれたんじゃ。現代のピアノとはずいぶん違うんじゃが、ケアをお願いできるかの?



A.M. McPhail Piano Co. is known for good quality craftsmanship in U.S. and  luxury piano brand in the early 1900’s. Fortunately the piano is well restored by Mr A. Bolduc in 1986 where is also known high quality workshop in U.S.

McPhail Piano は1900初め頃にアメリカで良い品質のピアノを製造していたメーカーです。幸運なことに、アメリカで有数の修理工房 Pianos Bolduc で1986年に大きな修理を終えています。

We can only see the square piano in museums and this is a very rare case particularly in Asia, and he is living. How wonderful it is! 
In an age of this piano in Europe, Johannes Brahms composed for Piano Concerto No. 2 and Academic Festival Overture. Peter Tchaikovsky composed String Serenade and Overture 1812. 




The square piano is a beautiful looking instruments, but they are very different than the modern piano. There are only 2 strings per note through the upper range instead of 3 strings, and the hammers are much thinner and lighter, and the most challenging is; the tuning pins are in the back of the piano instead of the front like the grand piano…. needs stretch hand and arms!! Well, I do Pilates so no problem!


There are a lot of dust inside the piano so, it was cleaned properly. 
Next, I had to take parts off the piano one by one. The pedal had been repaired.



I checked the pitch throughout the piano and it was flat. Through discussion with client about the background of the square piano and issue of the sub-tropical climate, I decided it would be best to play it safe, and tune it at a pitch lower than modern A440 in an effort to not break strings for conservation.



Finished! Eri-san, I am Nalla. It’s nice to see you! Old Piano Fairy told me that the sound very nice!! Thank you so much for your effort. I was very interested in what you were doing.

終わったー Eri さん、私 ナラ 会えてとってもうれしいわ!おじいちゃんのピアノフェアリーがとってもいい音になったですって!よかったね。Eri さんの作業しているところ、とってもおもしろかったわ。

Dear Nalla, Thank you so much for waiting me. Working the square piano is harder than usual but I really enjoyed it with you! I would be wonderful to see you and your piano again.